If you suffer from sexual phobia, what can you do to overcome it ?

Some individuals are extremely uncomfortable with physical intimacy. This might be bad enough to be called a phobia in some cases. Genophobia is the fear of sexual contact itself, while Erotophobia is a phobia that is related to sex.There are numerous causes of sexual phobia. It can be caused by traumatic events or physical conditions like premature ejaculation, among other things. Since this is also a difficult subject to discuss, many people misunderstand it. You can use these strategies to get over this fear. Learn for yourself: We are generally terrified of the things that we don't have any idea. Keep this in mind as you learn about the anatomy of the human body, including the genitalia of men and women. Learn how a sexual encounter progresses from excitement to stagnation and then to orgasming. You'll feel more in control of the situation as a result of this.Be in touch with your partner: It's possible that your partner will interpret your fear of sexual intimacy as a rejection of them. They may experience feelings of unworthiness as a result, which may cause problems in their relationships. Therefore, be honest with your partner and express your feelings. Recognize that sex is an emotional as well as a physical activity, and only have a sexual relationship with someone with whom you feel emotionally at ease. Say NO whenever you're feeling uneasy, and make sure your partner understands what you're going through.   

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